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To Blog or Not to Blog

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Well here I am! I have often thought about starting a blog. I used to have a LiveJournal back in high school, but I would like to think I have more worthwhile things to write about than whatever melodrama I had back then. I guess only time will tell! I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, like back when that movie Julie & Julia came out since that was based on a blog. I thought, how awesome, turn your blog into a movie! How can I do that?! How cocky of me to think I could ever have a wonderful enough blog to turn into a movie! That will never happen. I enjoy writing and have opinions and sometimes people think I’m funny, so why not? But what did I have that was so interesting to blog about?

After I got married (read the about me to see what led to this marriage) I realized I should have blogged throughout the entire 17 month engagement/wedding planning! The fights, the near break ups, the repeated uninviting of my parents (who were paying for it), the thoughts of eloping, the glass throwing, the dj asking for a bj from one of my bridemaids! What perfect blog fodder! But alas, I was dimwitted and completely missed that opportunity. So what is the next most blog-able life event, I wondered. Pregnancy!  I know, it’s been over two years of marriage and I have my whole family (and friends, friend’s mothers, and co-workers, and hell, probably strangers on the street) waiting on bated breath for me to proclaim my impending motherhood. (I’m working on it, people! Well, not literally, but soon it will be in the works.) Of course, I can not wait that long since I’m impatient, so here I am, not pregnant and blogging about housewivery (again, see the about me) and whatever else goes on in my life.

There is nothing all that exciting about housewifery. At least not when I don’t live anything like those Real Housewives. My Real Housewife drama is trying to pay the bills. And keeping the dog hair from piling up in the corner. And deciding how much laundry I can really fit in the super giant washer at the laundromat. And how long the milk has been in the fridge. Ok, you get the idea. But! Something exciting is happening! We are building a house! Or at least are hoping to. My husband has been taking down the trees on our property and we’ve got plans and prices and now have our taxes done to do a mortgage application! So I realized I can blog about the progession of our house construction!

Ok, so since it is 12:30 in the morning and I am ferociously typing away in bed, my husband says he can’t sleep. (Hey, it’s Friday!) I should do the right thing and type softer go to bed. I have to work tomorrow anyway. See, good housewifery! More on the house later!


Author: realhousewifeofrhinebeck

jersey girl marries a country boy. he likes tractors. she likes horses. can they build a house and start a family?

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