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And So It Begins…

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AHHH!!!! We sent all of the paperwork to start our application to the mortgage broker today! Good God I am nervous! While I am excited, I’m still worried they could turn us done. I feel like we’re only going to get it by the skin of our teeth. We don’t meet with the broker until next Friday, so I have plenty of time to panic. And then lord knows how long we’ll have to wait to hear after that!

We’re building a custom cape. We’re using a modular company. I think hubs would have liked to stick build it and do it himself but that would take time we don’t have and probably a money tree in the backyard. We’re getting in there are cheaply as possible, so he is doing all of the site work, excavating and the foundation and septic, etc. We’re not finishing the upstairs, we’ll do that ourselves after. The master will be downstairs and we’ll do three bedrooms and and office (and bathroom obvi) upstairs and finish the basement, which will be a walkout. And then we’ll redo the floors and all the good stuff. All together we have almost seven acres. The property came from a subdivision from his parents property, so we’ll be neighbors.

There were lots of trees that needed to come down and Hubs has about three more days til he’s done. We found a nice cherry that will have to come down, but it’s nice and straight so we’ll save the lumber and make a mantle or something with it.

Some pictures of the progress:

Hubs and my dad


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jersey girl marries a country boy. he likes tractors. she likes horses. can they build a house and start a family?

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