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I Know It’s Saturday, But It Feels Like It’s Past My Bedtime…

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Last night we went out to dinner (is it still considered dinner if it’s after 8pm?) with my brother in law and his new girlfriend (love). We had a glorious meal and didn’t get home until 11 something and tried to stay up for the repeat of Gold Rush. We failed miserably. I fell asleep almost instaneously and slept crappily all night. We woke up this morning (early than I would have liked) and bummed around in bed before I got up to make breakfast. I then trekked off to the dreaded laundromat. I then realized I would have an amazing post about the laundromat and sat in my car waiting for my seven dryers and started blogging on my phone. After two hours of waiting for machines to finish, folding piping hot clothes (I don’t know if the pile had a bottom…), and trying to avoid eye contact with the weird old man who kept talking to everyone, I had to rush home to change to go to the barn for my lesson. Afterwords, I then watched the YouTube video of the dad shooting his daughter’s laptop (that is like a whole post in itself) with my trainer, and then headed over to my inlaws where my husband was helping spackle since they are repainting. We then spent I don’t even know how many hours over there BSing and hanging out.

So now that we’ve settled into bed and I readied myself to finish the post on my phone, it disappeared and I can’t find it. I haven’t really gotten the hang of WordPress on my phone yet. Of course, you can never repeat the original hilarity. And certainly not now at 11:50pm. I was also going to take a picture of all of the laundry I did and actually count how many pairs of jeans and sweatshirts I did today, but alas I am too tired and lazy right now. But it’s Saturday, you say! However could I be so tired when all I did was 0938596785678394739847 loads of laundry and managed not to fall off a spicy, red-headed Thoroughbred? I don’t know either. Apparently I am an old 26. My husband has been asleep for about half an hour already. He must be an old 32. I think I’m one of the oldest young people I know. We’re much more lively in the summer. I promise.

Look for Tales from the Laundromat (attempt #2) tomorrow!


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