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Things I Realize I Could Be Doing Instead of Working

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Today was my first day back at work after five glorious days off. The first day back is always the hardest. Going to bed knowing you have to get up in the morning and go back sucks. I’m not even going to get into how annoying it is to go back because of your obnoxious co-workers who flap their jaw all day long to the point where you can’t hear yourself think. That is upsetting enough in itself. And worthy enough of its own blog. (Yes, it’s really that bad.) But especially on days like today, when it’s really slow and you sit there wondering why you’re getting paid to sit there and basically do nothing because you’re waiting for someone to walk in.

In my five days off I got some pretty productive things done…

  1. Started spring cleaning (ie cleaning light fixtures, fans, hardcore dusting, vacuuming under furniture, etc… oh, is that supposed to be part of regular cleaning?)
  2. Reorganizing my bathroom cabinets and linen closet (yeah, yeah, this could be classified as spring cleaning, but it’s my list so shut up)
  3. Catching up on the hubster’s business doings. I do the books and all that jazz, so sometimes the filing sits in a pile on the desk for a month before I can’t stand looking at it anymore.
  4. Visited my family in Jersey. My brother was home from college for President’s Weekend so we swung down there for a quick visit. Of course hubaroo got put to work as the unsaid rule is he has to work for his food.
  5. Laundry. Done at my parents while visiting (just because I’m not in college anymore doesn’t mean I can’t save myself $40 at the laundromat)
  6. Rode horses. Not my horse, as his hocks are being injected (thank God), but one I used to ride all the time. Good rides. And since I had so much down time I cut his lion mane. No pulling for him as he’s likely to bite your face off or flip himself over on the cross ties. Feisty that one.
  7. Signed my life away for the mortgage application! Cross your fingers and toes and anything else you can cross! Hopefully we should hear in the next couple weeks!
  8. Doctor’s appointment. Finally got to the endocrinologist and got blood work done so we can figure out what the deal with my fucked up thyroid is.
  9. Took a pregnancy test. It was negative people, don’t get too excited. Didn’t think that was in the cards yet, but alas, the body plays some funny tricks on you. Soon. Hence all the doctor’s appointments!

Reasonably productive huh? I seemed to think so. There was a lot of downtime in there too though. Like minutes, or what probably amounted to hours, on Spotify and looking for rentals in case the bank fucks us and decides not to give us a loan so we can’t build, among other things. These are the things I think about while waiting for customers at work. If I’m sitting at work and no one is coming in, what could I be doing at home (which, dare I say, might, on certain days, or even just certain times of the day, be a more productive use of my time…)? I also often wonder what real housewives (not the Bravo ones, the ones who are actual housewives. Although, I do wonder about the Bravo ones…) are doing all day. I mean, I get stay at home moms. Obviously you’ve got little ones running around. I know you’re cooking and cleaning and food shopping and things of the like, but all day every day?

I remember my mom reading a lot of books. Believe me, she did her fair share of housework and such. She was a stay at home mom for the most part. She worked a few night and weekends at the mall when my sister and I were little and stayed home once she had my brother. Then when I was in high school and we were all in school all day she went back into retail and then got her realtor license. My mother in law has three kids aged 26-32 and then a six-year-old. So obviously she has things she’s doing during the day, but while the little one is at school all day, is she really cleaning and food shopping the whole time? During the summer she mows lawns during the day, but what about the winter?

After this long weekend I realized that I think I could actually fill most of the stay at home time with a lot of productiveness. I’m on the committee for our local horse show association and was just approached by the executive director about interest in being on the board for our barn’s foundation. So with all of the time I’m not cleaning, cooking or shopping (or mothering when the time comes), I could be doing that, which would certainly fulfill my need for doing things for myself.

Ultimately, when a little one does come around, I would LOVE to be able to stay home. I don’t want to throw my kid in daycare so I can work just to basically pay for daycare. And while I love my family, I don’t want someone else raising my kid. However, who knows how I’ll be able to do that. Being self-employed doesn’t make it easy for my husband to afford health insurance on his own (I get it through my work). And you can’t have kids without health insurance. At least I won’t. And until we can figure out how to do that, looks like I’ll be sitting waiting on customers for a while.


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jersey girl marries a country boy. he likes tractors. she likes horses. can they build a house and start a family?

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