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So T couldn’t wait any longer so he called the mortgage broker to see what the deal was with the appraisal. So as we remember, since we’re not doing a second floor until later they can only appraise the house as a one bedroom cape. Thus, they lowered what the minimum value we had to come in at was. So… our appraisal came in $19,000 over the minimum! Super relieved about that! I was so afraid they were going to low ball it. It’s not like there’s a plethora of new one bedroom capes on seven acres floating around town for comparison. Also, they said the interest rate won’t be going up, so that is fantastic to me. But, it’s going to be another two weeks til we have an answer. Two more weeks?! The last two weeks were nerve wracking enough! I guess the broker’s secretary said they bank they are working with they have a good relationship with and would not have proceeded with anything if they didnt think it had a good shot. So everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed!!


Author: realhousewifeofrhinebeck

jersey girl marries a country boy. he likes tractors. she likes horses. can they build a house and start a family?

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