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Just checked my tracker and it says I ovulated on my birthday… keeping my fingers crossed!


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Wow, It’s Been A While…

Wow, it certainly has been a while! I guess I got lazy and life got in the way. I’m currently sitting on a stump watching T dig stumps out with the excavator. We may have been approved but we still haven’t had our closing. This whole process has been a thorn in my side. We had issues with the title search. The idiots at my inlaws mortgage company screwed up the info when they did the subdivision and ended up re-liening our property after T got his original loan. That took numerous calls and heated arguments to fix. Now we’re waiting on the Board of Health the stamp something for the building permits (even though the property has been BoH aproved since the subdivision). But nothing in life is never easy I guess. Silly me thinking I’d be moved in by 4th of July. One can dream I guess. I now have a more realistic goal of October.

On the pregnancy front, we’ve actually officially started trying. No luck as of yet. I had a complete meltdown when push came to shove. I completely freaked out and every fear I could have had got the best of me. My body’s going to change. I might puke my brains out for four months. I can’t ride. Labor is going to be painful. I might be a terrible mother. I cried hysterically and T told me to get over it. Which in turn made me more upset. It took a day or two but I got over it and feel like a normal person about it. Maybe it was going off my pills? I don’t know. That has kind of sucked by the way.

I’m still having my internal dilemma about not being able to ride/being pregnant. My barn just got a new horse today and the show season has begun. I always feel like I’m going to miss out on opportunities. I’ve been trying to read up on riding while pregnant. I see that some people think it’s taboo but they seem to be people who have never been on a horse let alone been riding for 17 years like myself. Some people though seem to ride for quite a while and do all sorts of stuff. I guess I’ll just have to take it as it comes.

Hopefully I can get myself more into the swing of things and be a little more regular with updating. Oopsie.