Real Housewife of Rhinebeck

real world. real housewifery. or something like that.


With the influx of Real Housewives of… I think it’s about time we get some real Real Housewives. Show us some ladies in the ‘burbs or something, Andy! Real people don’t live like these women! (That won’t stop me from watching though…) So, here I am in small town, USA aka Rhinebeck, housewiving it up!

I am a housewife. Ok, maybe just the wife part. I suppose I would need a house to be a housewife. But we’re working on it! A big part of this blog will be chronicling the construction of our new house! There will also be a lot of other random things that I write about, I’m sure. I’m pretty random and have a lot of interests. It’s pretty typical that something weird will come out of my mouth, to which my husband will respond, “There is something wrong with you.” To which I retort, “You’re life would be very boring without me!”

Some key (and not so key) things about me:

I am not truly from Rhinebeck, I am only a local by association. My husband is a lifer. I, on the other hand, hail from New Jersey. No, it is not like Jersey Shore and not everyone is Italian. And no, I do not have an accent, you probably do. And only because I’ve lived outside of Jersey since college do I know how to pump gas and only because there is no other alternative. Oh, and yes, I do swear. A lot. And more when I’m actually in Jersey. You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl!

I got married September 2009 to a wonderful man. We are slowly but surely trying to “live the dream” or some crap like that. He runs his own landscaping business so he is very reliable at taking down the trees on our property so we can build aforementioned house. I hope. We watch a lot of reality tv together. I subject him to lots of Real Housewives, Mob Wives and other trashy things (I have a soul and watch decent tv too, I swear) while he prefers to make me sit through Ax Men and Swamp People. Upon discovering there isn’t much you can’t get a show for, we’ve decided we could probably get picked up for Starving Landscapers of the Northeast.

I grew up on baseball and hockey. Two of my husband’s least favorite sports. Don’t ask how we ended up together, I don’t know either. Go Mets! Go Devils! If you mention the Yankees or Islanders, my father will probably kick you out of the house.

I am the oldest of three and want to have three kids. And it would be awesome if everyone stopped begging me for little ones. Soon people, soon! If my sister calls me one more time and tells me she found something she wants to buy for my future child, I’m going to jump off the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.  Maybe it’s her middle child syndrome? Also, I have a younger brother in there somewhere.

I have been riding horses since I was 9 years old. My parents thought it would be a phase. 17 years and a four-year college degree in “horses” (it’s easiest just to tell people that) later, here I am. My father likes to tell me, “at least you got a husband out of it.” I am no longer employed in the horse industry, but it’s still a passion of mine. I ride and show locally (when I’m not being a cheap ass) and stay involved at my barn.

Oh, so this husband I keep referring to. I know you’re dying for me to tell you how we met. So I went to college in Providence, RI (horses in the city? I know. A story for later. Or never). Senior year I lived in a house off-campus with my husband’s brother (no, I didn’t sleep with him, you pervs!). I needed somewhere to live during my internship, which just so happened to be a few towns away from his hometown. He called his mom and she, without ever meeting me, invited me to live with their family. What was she thinking! What a lady! Within a few weeks I settled in and fell right in the family, drinking beers with dad and leaving my room a mess like when I was 15. Enter older brother. The first week I was there it snowed. Being a landscaper and thus having nothing to landscape in the winter, he plows snow. So I went out plowing with him and here we are almost five years later. It took that bastard almost three months to kiss me though.

I have been to 8 *NSYNC concerts. Don’t judge.

The first song I ever heard was “She’s the One” by Bruce. I shouldn’t have to tell you who Bruce is.

I love food. Cookies. Cakes. Pasta. Burgers. Salad. Tacos. German. Italian. If it’s food, I dig it. Except nuts. In my youth, I may or may not have been referred to as a human garbage disposal.

I’ve never broken a bone. At least that’s what the xrays say.

I tried on 75 wedding dresses before I found one. I’m not picky or anything…

I was the only person in my family and my husband’s family to vote for Obama.

I have two dogs, Gus and Angus. I still miss my first dog, Pepper.

I have never done a keg stand.

I hate when people misspell and use incorrect grammar. It’s there, their, and they’re.

I once gave a friend a road rage bat for his birthday.

I am out of random things to insert here…..


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