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Bleach Is The Enemy

Do you ever wonder if your husband hears you and just blatantly ignores you? I do. And I also think that sometimes, yes, he does. (Yeah, that Valentine’s Day crap wore off quick, huh?) I posted recently about how we can not clean the house together. Point in case, tonight. With all of the health issues I’ve been having (we thought I had fluid in my ears or nasal congestion that gave me swollen nasal passages and thus headaches and vertigo, now we think it’s an allergic reaction to mold, among other things) and the fact that I’m overly sensitive to smells especially harsh things like bleach as they give me splitting headaches. I have told him this repeatedly. Does he listen?

So, tonight we needed to clean again. So what is the hubs using? Bleach. Ok. I can put up with a bit of it. But spraying half the bottle in the shower? I had to turn on every fan in the house. And remember it’s February (not that the temperatures would make you believe that) so I can’t open the windows without freezing to death. Oh wait, and we live in a basement so I don’t have real windows anyway. So while I’m putting laundry away he keeps wondering why (and getting angry) that I keep laying down in between matching socks. Perhaps the throbbing pain under my eyes from my sinuses closing up and my head wanting to split open, you think he’d have a clue. At least I finished what I was doing and then finished vaccuuming. Now I just want to go to bed because I have such a bad headache.

Why does he continue to insist on using bleach then you ask? I don’t know either. This is why back in the day when men and women got married the woman stopped working and stayed home and did all of the cleaning herself. Thus, housewife. If I wasn’t stuck at work thinking of all of the things I could be doing at home I wouldn’t have to clean with my husband and be subjected to all of the bleach. What a far better housewife I could be. Or maybe I could get that maid…