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Everyday Is V Day

All week-long all people kept asking me was what I was doing for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure because I’m young (I work with folks older than me) everyone was certain I had exciting plans. “Nothing,” was my response to everyone’s queries. I really didn’t think about it. I didn’t even wear the obligatory pink or red this morning (that might have had to do with me oversleeping and just finding the nearest clean shirt). Cards are always mandatory between us. Birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day (and some times just because) always end up with a card. I like cards. I spend a lot of time picking one out. We also usually write little (or not so little) messages inside as well. So tonight after work I went to go pick up a card (yeah, yeah, last-minute, I know). I also picked up some of his favorite candies and bought some additional groceries. I then came home, did the dishes in the sink and prepared our meal. I made rigatoni and sausage and salad. I had a bottle of wine from Christmas that I had gotten at work, which after a sip we both realized we didn’t like. And I made brownies to go with the ice cream I bought. I gave him his card and candies and he gave me my card and flowers. Afterwards, he did the dishes and we talked and then sat down to watch tv. I watched Glee and he searched Ebay for dump trucks. We watched New Girl and Raising Hope. We let the dogs out and played with them and are now snuggled in bed. This is everyday for us (minus the cards I guess). We don’t need some holiday to tell us that we need to do things together. We don’t need to go squeeze into some fancy restaurant with 56465154 other couples, surrounded by pink heart balloons. This is all I want, every day. And it’s all I need.

In laundry updates… I did the laundry on Saturday… I did about 10-12 pairs of jeans (not pants, jeans, yeah, I had other pants too) and about 10 hoodies (just hoodies, not all sweatshirts) and about 15 or more t-shirts and I could go on… Remember we’re just two people. Again, that was Saturday. It is now Tuesday. I have about three or four new loads looking at me. Maybe for Valentine’s Day I could have gotten a maid…