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Are These For My Horse?

I mean seriously? These look like pills I should be feeding to my horse. I understand that prenatal vitamins have lots of vitamins and minerals in them, but come on! I get it. I need to build up lots of good stuff like fish oil and folic acid and vitamin b12 and whatever the fuck pantothenic acid is to make a future smart and healthy baby. But who makes these?! Do they even pay attention to how big these are? I’m sure there are many dirty minds out there immediately wondering how these little pills are so hard to swallow. Hardy har har. Well let me tell you, this shit don’t go down easy. I have to drink about half a bottle of water to get each of these down. And we’re still months away from TTC! Then you have to take them during your whole pregnancy and then while breast feeding. So basically, I have over a year of taking these horse pills ahead of me. Oh and then after one comes two and then three. Couldn’t they have made these in like Advil size? I would gladly take four at a time if they were smaller. Perhaps medicinal technology will come around before I pop out numero uno, but until then my husband should practice the heimlich.


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We All Turned Out OK

This is the second article in about three days that I’ve read about the negative affects of spanking. The first one was about French parenting, like the crazy Tiger Lady in China, and how American parenting sucks and everyone else in the world raises more respectable kids, etc. This one is about medical research showing that “that physical punishment makes children more aggressive and antisocial, and can cause cognitive impairment and developmental difficulties.” Um what?

I know, I know, I don’t have children (yet), so how could I ever have an opinion. Well as a product of a household that implemented spankings when necessary, I do not have any of those complications. We’re not talking about beating kids with a belt or punching them in the head. You went out of control or did something really bad, you got a spanking. And you learned from it. Just like the wooden spoon. My mother just had to take it out of the drawer and hit the counter with it and it got me to freeze in my steps. She never hit me with, she didn’t need to. I did, however, get soap in my mouth once. I was about six or seven and I swore. My mother sat me on the counter in the bathroom off of our laundry room and scraped that shit on my teeth! That sure stopped me from swearing! (At least until I was older and knew better not to swear at/in front my parents.) I remember it to this day!

My husband grew up in a similar household. You got a whack on the butt and it was over. No one’s getting held down and laid into. I certainly didn’t end up with cognitive impairment because my parents swatted me if I misbehaved. All these granola eating parents these days are afraid of their kids. No one wants to spank, yell at, or even scold their children. My husband and I went to the Bronx Zoo for our one year anniversary. And you know what I saw there? I saw a dad asking his child to behave because daddy didn’t like being yelled at. And she basically told him to shut the fuck up. In seven year old speak. Since when do we ask children to behave? I got told to knock my shit off or else. And you know what? I knocked my shit off. This is why we turn the news on and see stories about 17 year-olds beating the shit out of old homeless men for shits and giggles and posting it on YouTube. These parents are doing their kids a disservice and I will not be one of those parents. I was taught to say please and thank you, respect my elders (and especially my parents!) and treat others how I expected to be treated.