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The House Has Finally Arrived!

It’s unbelievable to think that this momentous day has come and gone. It’s really weird telling people, “My house is getting delivered today.” They kind of cock their head and blink at you until you follow-up with, “it’s a modular.” Then you get the “ohhh!!” I couldn’t get the day off, but I was able to take a long lunch so I was able to see the first box arrive. It was supposed to show up around 1pm, so I called T around 11 to make sure they were still on schedule. He said they were somewhere on Route 9 and that they should be there around noon, so I should get there by 12:30. Thank God my job looks right out onto the road because the house was early and I saw it drive by!

So of course I ran off to lunch and almost got out of my car to kill an old lady in the parking lot. She was driving a boat of a car and could barely see over the steering wheel and thus was trying to drive over a curb. I almost got out of the car and ran to the property. I managed to beat the house and was able to see them unhook it from the trailer and pull it up the driveway with a bulldozer. The first thing to arrive was the trailer with the dormers and then the back half of the house.




















So once they got everything unhooked, T opened the door and we went inside!! It’s definitely weird to be in a half of your house sitting on a trailer. But we were seeing it in real life, not just on paper! The wonderment! Unfortunately, because I’m partially insane, the first thing I said when I walked in was, “this is wrong.” There is a supposed to be a half wall where you can see from my kitchen and into my family room. There is a full-blown wall there. Complete with electric wiring. T later spoke to the builder and he said that if the factory screwed it up, they can certainly fix it. As I’m sure is pretty normal when it comes to pulling a house down a road, there are a couple of cracks in the sheet rock which will also be fixed. T and I both also noticed that the family room seems smaller than we thought it would be, so hopefully cutting that wall will help open it up.




















The second half got tied up somehow and didn’t arrive for a few hours, which worked out since I had to go back to work. It was finally a relief to see things start to show up. I have been feeling like shit. T and I, especially T, have been so completely stressed out by this project, I don’t know how we’ve been doing it. Tuesday night I literally only slept for maybe two hours. I feel asleep just after 11, woke up at 1:50 and didn’t go back to sleep until 5:30. Part of that I’m sure had to do with the crazy thunderstorm we were having, but mostly it was anxiety about the house coming. Then when I got up the next day, I couldn’t even look at food without thinking about throwing up. This has been a million times more stressful than my wedding. After work I went to see the front half of the house, which I missed see come up the driveway by only five minutes! My MIL and I wasted no time going inside to see the kitchen and dining room!




















The back part of the foundation got framed in today and the guy also came to rubber wall the block. Everything is looking ready to go for Monday when they set the boxes. My parents are coming up Sunday night so they can watch. I have a feeling we’ll have quite an audience. It’s not everyday you get to see a house on a crane. Hopefully once everything is together I won’t feel still like the family room is small. Here’s hoping. Wish us luck!


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Less Than Two Weeks!

The foundation is half done and the floor is being poured tomorrow! The house gets delived on the 13th! T has been working his ass off to get things done. We’ve had a lot of setbacks (like the flooding rains this weekend while we were laying block!) and a lot of the things we planned on having done are not done. The well will be put in after the house is set. T should hopefully be starting on the septic as soon as the foundation is done. It’s crazy to me everytime I go to the property to see how much as changed. Just six months ago we were cutting down trees. I still have a hard time believing it’s really happening. This is something we’ve been talking about almost as long as we’ve been together, so to see everything actually come to fruition is pretty unbelievable.


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I can’t believe this day is finally here! We’ve been waitinf for this day for five years. Everyone keeps asking if I’m excited. Yes. I’m VERY excited. But I’m also quite anxious. There’s nothing bigger than getting a house. I definitely feel like a grown up now. I’m worried that when it’s all said and done that I’ll feel like it’s too small. When I originally picked out the plans, the house was supposed to be 10 feet longer. That’s a lot of space. That’s like a whole room. I have a hard time visualizing things that aren’t actually there, so hopefully everything turns out the way I expect it to. I also worry that we’ll run out of money. T is doing all of th excavating and foundation, well and septic himself, right in the middle of his busy season. I also worry about him losing his sanity. This is a lot. His buy season is enough to drive a man insane. I mean he litterally works til his fingers bleed. And now we’re throwing building a house into it?

I’m just glad we’re actually getting somewhere. The mortgage application process was very long. We signed our application in February, didn’t get approved until March, fought with my inlaws mortgage company since the title company found a lien on our property that wasn’t ours and it took over a month to get our building permit. So now we’re finally closing. Building this house is something we’ve been talking about before we even got engaged. It’s been a long road for us so I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. I keep worrying about furnishing it when it’s done. I don’t want a nice, brand new house to only have it be empty. I think I need to look at the big picture and get through it til the end before I worry about that. Although T’s family is already talking about throwing us into the Christmas rotation!

Wish us luck!

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The Answer We’ve All Been Waiting For

So after hearing on Friday that the bank had yet to even start looking at our mortgage application, T called me at work this afternoon to tell me that we got approved! He said he wanted to come and tell me in person but that the guy he was waiting for was just showing up. I told him it was probably for the better because I would have created a scene. I actually cried when he told me. This has been a long, long process for us and we weren’t really sure how it would come out. I always knew it would be close, I think in the back of my head I might have even convinced myself it might not happen. But, there’s always a but. They can’t legally give us the amount of money we asked for in the first disbursement, so we will need to restructure how the dispersements get paid out. It makes no difference to me, I don’t care how I get it as long as I get it! Things are finally starting to turn around for us and I can’t wait!!!

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Does the Bank Take Payment in the Form of Hopes and Dreams?

I didn’t realize it had been quite so long since I had posted. When I started I was like oh, I’ll have plenty of things to write about! I have to say that the past two weeks haven’t been all that exciting. I’ve been too busy worrying about when we’re going to hear about our loan (it’s been two weeks since the appraisal, people, you’re killing me!), how I’m going to pay for all of the bills that seem to never stop piling up (this is when having a self-employed husband sucks!), and the looming (scary and exciting) trying to conceive. That, on top of all of the other things bouncing around in my head. I often wonder how I ever manage to get to sleep at night because my mind races so much.

The stress about the loan isn’t going to go away until the house is done, this I know. I’m dying to know if we’re approved or not. But once I find out it will only be a short reprieve. Once we get a”yes” we can order the house and that only takes six to eight weeks to build. So that means T has six to eight weeks to get all the excavating done and build the foundation. And what it really means is he has six to eight weekends to do it in. We can not afford for T to not work for two weeks to bang it out. If he doesn’t work then jobs don’t get done and we don’t get paid and I can’t pay the bills. Luckily, we have many friends who built things that didn’t fall down are skilled in trades of this type who will gladly work for free beer. So, theoretically, they should be able to get the work done in the allotted time frame, unless of course, they consume beer at the rate of 16 year olds (which is likely) and then we’re all doomed.

Once they’re done and the house gets dropped, I’ll have to impatiently wait to paint and move in. Hopefully, T will allow me to pick out things myself and then we don’t have to bicker over silly things like ivory versus eggshell. We’ll leave that to me and my mother. Of course that leads to other issues. I will have a house with nothing to put in it! We have unmatching bedroom furniture — we each have a dresser that are left overs from deceased relatives that we’ve had since college.  We have his sister’s old stained (stained like ruined, not stained like looks like fresh lumber) kitchen table, and his mother’s old scratched coffee table. The one nice thing we have is our couch. The one thing we bought with our wedding money (I have no idea what happened to the rest). But in our nice, new, much bigger place it will need a companion! Also, I will have a formal dining room. T tells me that if we host Thanksgiving or Christmas we can put plywood on saw horses. I am not amused.

I’ve also been fretting quite a bit when it comes to money. Who doesn’t? This is when I realize I am my parents’ child. While I am organized, efficient, and cheap thrifty  when it comes to our finances, like my father, when things get tight, I panic, freak out, and think we’re going to starve, like my mother. This creates a problem. I am at constant battle with myself. I look at my list and say, ok, it’s the beginning of the season, so it’s slow and it will be tight, but slow and stready wins the race. Then three hours later, I’ll look at it again and burst into tears, crying out how will we ever get all of this paid? The bigger problem with this is when it comes to T. He can not handle me when I am in crazy wife mode. When we sit down and have our “money chats” as I call them, I have to put on my cool, calm, collected business partner hat. Beligerent, sobbing wife hat does not have a place in the money chats. That hat makes its appearance and the whole thing goes to shit.

I will not get into the nitty, gritty of my financial woes, but I try to remind myself that we always manage to pay things and there are plenty of other people that are in the same boat or worse. But, having your own business is stressful and sometimes it makes me wish T just had a regular job and collected a paycheck every two weeks like me (except bigger, obvi). It’s hard when you get a check from a client and then you have to stretch it until the next one comes, which could be days, weeks, or months away. And you have to worry about taxes, insurance and all sorts of other bills. So on top of the taxes from 2011 that we have to pay, along with our other debts and monthly bills, we are trying to build a house. T likes to joke with me that my mother must have smoked crack while she was pregnant with me. At this point, I might believe him because why else would I be crazy enough to believe that we could do all of this and build a house. Oh wait! AND we want to have a baby! Wait, there’s more! T needs to buy a new tractor and dump truck! Are you fucking kidding me?! This is why we keep buying Mega Millions tickets (dammit, we didn’t win on Friday either!). Because I have BIG plans for theose millions. At least then I will be able to afford the taxes imposed on me. Otherwise, I have no idea. Why does everything have to be crammed into one year? I am not one who likes to borrow money or even pay a cent of interest, but sometimes I think there’s no other choice. I do not forsee how a house and a baby will financially allow us to get a tractor and/OR a drump truck without borrowing. And then I laugh because if we’re lucky enough to get approved for this loan, surely they will laugh in our face when we say oh wait, we want to finance a peice of equipment too.

Oh, and a baby. While I think I am ready to say, yes, let’s do this, it still scares me to death. I am on the baby train. I’m not sure if I am the conductor of this train yet though. If I woke up tomorrow and was pregnant, I would be overjoyed. But I tend to fret over and over about my big life decisions. But I make a big deal out of nothing most of the time. I have to micromanage everything (another trait of my father’s I thought I would never get. I always thought I was a go with the flow type of person. Turns out I was wrong). I have stopped taking my birth control. I even have an ovulation predictor chart (that I think I did for one day). But because I must read and analyze everything on, based on my last period, if I got pregnant now, my baby would have a due date of December 20th. Gross. No one wants a Christmas baby. Christmas is stressful enough as it is and then the poor kid would have to smush his/her birthday and Christmas into one month. Plus, winter birthdays suck because you can’t have fun outdoor birthday parties, like Slip N Slide.

Personally, I want a spring, summer or fall baby. My sister in law tells me it sucks to be pregnant in the summer. Again, I don’t like winter birthday parties. But alas, I listen to what my husband thinks is the voice of reason, him. He wants a winter baby because he will be home more in the winter, ergo he can help. Or at least that’s what he says. I also panic about what we will do with the baby since I will have to go back to work. My SIL And BIL are both cops, they work alternate hours, with the same days off. He is 8-4, she is 4-12. His sister comes and watches their kids for the lag time in the middle, but otherwise, usually, one of them is always home with the kids. We will not have this luxury. Well, I don’t really think 4-12 is a luxury, but you get what I mean. T and I both work during the day, he works basically from sun up to sun down and most Saturdays and even Sundays when necessary. I work random hours between 8 and 6 during the week and some Saturdays for most of the day. Who is going to watch our child? T says we can worry about this when the time comes. Shouldn’t we be worrying about this now?! I think so. My family lives two hours away, so they’re out. His mother often has to watch SIL’s kids and has her own little one as well as working in the summer months. I don’t like the idea of daycare all the time and frankly, if that happens, most of my paycheck will probably go to that.

On top of that, I constantly worry about what if we don’t get pregnant right away? What if I gain 80 pounds and can’t lose it? What if I have to go on bed rest? Or need a C section? Or puke every single day? Or something goes wrong?Or, or, or. I could go on for hours. How do I even know I will be a good mother? I like to think I will be. I’m a good mother to our dogs. But they are pretty self sufficient dogs. This is when the micromanager needs to get a grip and let things just happen. Actually, I need to let that happen in all aspects of my life. I know it’s going to be a bumpy road, whether it happens to be bumpy or I make it bumpy, I don’t know, but I know we’ll get there in the end. I hope.

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And So It Begins…

AHHH!!!! We sent all of the paperwork to start our application to the mortgage broker today! Good God I am nervous! While I am excited, I’m still worried they could turn us done. I feel like we’re only going to get it by the skin of our teeth. We don’t meet with the broker until next Friday, so I have plenty of time to panic. And then lord knows how long we’ll have to wait to hear after that!

We’re building a custom cape. We’re using a modular company. I think hubs would have liked to stick build it and do it himself but that would take time we don’t have and probably a money tree in the backyard. We’re getting in there are cheaply as possible, so he is doing all of the site work, excavating and the foundation and septic, etc. We’re not finishing the upstairs, we’ll do that ourselves after. The master will be downstairs and we’ll do three bedrooms and and office (and bathroom obvi) upstairs and finish the basement, which will be a walkout. And then we’ll redo the floors and all the good stuff. All together we have almost seven acres. The property came from a subdivision from his parents property, so we’ll be neighbors.

There were lots of trees that needed to come down and Hubs has about three more days til he’s done. We found a nice cherry that will have to come down, but it’s nice and straight so we’ll save the lumber and make a mantle or something with it.

Some pictures of the progress:

Hubs and my dad