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I Do Exist!

Well this has been a much longer absence than I planned! I stopped updating because I was one-handed for a while in August.

Summary of the last few months:

The first night of my vacation from work I was attempting to de-pit an avacado to make guacamole and long story short, put the knife through my finger instead of the avacado pit. Went to the ER and got five stitches. The next day the finger (middle, how convenient) was still numb, so T’s BFF (who is an orthopeadic PA) looked at it and told me I probably cut a nerve. So a week later I went to see a specialist and had surgery the following day to reattach it. The anesthesia did a number on me and after my one hour surgery I puked for about eight hours. So I had a cast on it for two weeks and then did physical therapy for like two months. Now I have what I call my Harry Potter scar.

fingerbw cast fingeryuck

So I couldn’t type well with one hand and got lazy, so I stopped updating.

The house is done. Well almost done. We need a water test done and the inspector to come for the CO. Then it will be done. But it’s liveable and our apartment flooded, so things are good. Outside still needs help, we need a final grade, but that will have to wait for spring.


I have my new neice and nephew! They are doing wonderfully and I love seeing them. As for us, this is our 11th cycle trying. We got very pessimistic and really tried this last month. We were thinking that if nothing happened this month that we’d have to get T tested and I’d have to take drugs. But all of our trying paid off!!!! I took a test and it was positive! We went to the doctor yesterday and I’m 5w4 today!


We’re so excited!! T cried when I told him. It was such a wonderful moment! We haven’t told anyone yet. We are planning on telling our families this weekend. I can’t wait to see my parents’ reaction. This will be their first grandchild. I wish we could have seen yesterday, but I won’t get an ultrasound til around 9.5 weeks. Can’t wait!